Case Study | App Mock | UI/UX
A collaborative project, Gym Look is a fitness app that is entirely community driven. Equipped with a large library of existing exercises, users can create, share and follow workout routines created by fitness professionals and athletes.
4.1 | App Mockup
  Startup | Website | Product Development | Branding
Part of the early development team for speakeasy men's lifestyle site Little West Twelfth. Responsibilities included logo design, branding, textiles, as well as product and concept mocks for seasonal items.
2.1 | Website Mockup
  Case Study | Website | Branding | Textiles
Showcasing a series of gifs created using Apple's icon library, the site randomly alternates through the moving patterns by clicking or refreshing the page.
3.1 | GIF Screens
4.1 | Lissitzky Generator
Pulling elements from El Lissitzky's Proun style, this site allows viewers to interact with randomly generated shapes to compose their own avant-garde suprematist compositions. Each page refresh generates new backgrounds and shapes to move around.
5.2 |
A site that recreates the library experience on a web browser, building visual trails of research as the viewer continues to click on related links.
5.4 | Chance Project
Styled as a scientific journal, a generative code randomly extracts linked phrases from wikipedia and creates dada-esqe sentence structures.

  Case Study | Website | Branding | Textiles
Part of the Global Brands Group Summer program, Little Keepers is a mock startup brand created by a team of seven students from different majors. Together and from the ground up, the team is tasked to create concept, product mockups, and sourcing for the brand. Little Keepers is an online retail store that matches a childs clothing to their Little Keeper Animal toy.
5.1 | Website

5.2 | Presentation
  Case Studies | App Mock | UI/UX
A collaboration between RISD Graphic Design and Brown Computer Science students, Post and Spigot are apps that explore the possibilities, social implications, and untapped potential of the current technological climate.
Post is a social media app that allows users to create live feed collages. The application will allow for a rapid and ephemeral mode of free-form expression with an emphasis on emotions and identity.
Spigot is an if-then app that explores internal and external sensors latent within the modern smartphone, allowing the user to set boundary parameters and customizable trigger actions.
6.1 | Post

6.2 | Spigot

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