Science Journal Daily


CHANCE PROJECT: Using Generative Systems to Create Legible Nonsense

Written by Oscar Henry Roberts and Byron Chow


Inspired by the "How to Make a Dadaist Poem" rules created by Dada poet Tristan Tzara, we built and refined an automated program that would randomly generate text by pulling together source material from Wikipedia articles. Beginning by pulling a random line from a random article, the program will continuously refresh through Wikipedia pages until it finds a conjunction (ie. or, is, and, but, was, has, so). The sentence will continue from that point until the next conjuction. This process will repeat until 40 iterations have been completed, in which case a subheader will be placed, and a new section will begin.




This program presented itself with a series of problems which are inherent in generative design such as text looping and bot information. While creating restrictions in order to resolve some of the kinks within the program, we began thinking of new features that could exist and make sense to include on this platform. Integrated into the final draft of code are hyperlinks leading back to each lines source, as well as subheads to break up the blocks of text.